Sunny Anderson Gives Us A Hack To Save An Over-Grilled Steak - Exclusive

As it turns out, barbecue disasters aren't so disastrous when you've got Sunny Anderson around to whisper sweet fixes in your ear. The Food Network star may not own her own steakhouse like her "BBQ Brawl" rival Bobby Flay, but she is a verifiable virtuoso when it comes to working her way out of meaty culinary predicaments.

Did you get distracted at the grill and exaggerate the char on your favorite cut of meat? While you probably won't be enjoying ribeye for dinner, there's no need to stomach a steak that is well past well done, either. Simply follow Anderson's advice and remix your dinner plans. "Incorporate it into things, but chop it down small so you can surround it with moisture, because it's probably dry, as a whole. If you chop it down small and toss it with something that's moist, it can fool you," she suggested in a recent exclusive interview with Tasting Table. You've got infinite saucy and soupy options that might be craving small chunks of steak, but if you're searching for inspiration, Sunny Anderson's got some ideas.

The best sauces for your over-grilled steak

If you've overcooked your sirloin, pivot from meat and potatoes to pasta night. "You can toss [your overcooked steak] into a tomato sauce," Sunny Anderson suggested to Tasting Table. Call it a barbecued bolognese, if that makes you feel better about your blunder. On the other hand, perhaps you'd planned to top your steak with cheese — in that case, follow Anderson's lead and make a cheese sauce with your burnt beef. Then again, if it's game night, consider cooking yourself up another round of appetizers by making a steaked-up cheese dip, "kind of like sausage in a cheese dip," the Food Network star suggested. 

Sauces and dips aren't the only moist surroundings fit for an over-grilled steak, of course. You can add layers of flavor to your favorite canned pantry products with it, too. "It could just be something that you add [to an already-made product]," Anderson quipped. "You could get out a can of beans and you could chop it down small and add it to the can of beans or something."

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