The Norwegian Beer Made Of Actual Paper Money

New York City's Evil Twin Brewery and Norway's Lervig Aktiebryggeri Brewery have teamed up to make beer out of pizza and Norwegian cash. When the beer was first made in 2015, the whole point was to be ridiculous. Not only did the two revel-promoting businesses want to give partygoers a unique beer to crack open, but they also wanted each sip to pack a significant punch. If the idea sounds revolting, it somehow isn't, and the nearly 20% ABV "Big Ass Money Stout" delivers unexpectedly smooth notes of coffee, chocolate, and sweet fruit. "It's like drinking five Budweisers in one bottle," one of the brewers described.

Lervig admits that when it was approached with the idea, it didn't hesitate to make a stout with Norwegian products. Cash and frozen pizza were the ingredients that first came to mind, as both could be found easily and were readily available. Frozen pizzas made with ham and peppers were added to boiling vats, and money was thrown in once fermentation was complete.

A pint poured of a college freshman's dreams

Evil Twin Brewery is known for brewing unique, if not irreverently named, beers and has set out to make a mark in the minds and on the palates of beer lovers. Varieties have included Molotov Heavy, Ryan And The Gosling, and Freudian Slip. "We have all good intentions to disturb, disorder, and enlighten you," the brewery's website proclaims in part. For some, the thought of beer seeping through chunks of frozen pizza and stacks of cold hard cash may do just that.

True to its advertised gimmick, silver cans of Big Ass Money Stout feature noticeable images of pizza slices and graphics of cash. "While it's over the top, the beer is actually pretty damn tasty," admits The Alcohol Professor. "At worst, it's worth trying simply because the experience is so overwhelming and stimulating to the palate." You may want to have a pizza on hand to enjoy alongside a freshly poured pint of this stuff.