Every Cooking Tool In Duff Goldman's Kitchen Comes From The Same Store

Duff Goldman is well-known for his extraordinary and lifelike cakes that have taken the form of R2-D2 and the Deathly Hallows of "Harry Potter." The baker makes his tasty craft look easy. What's the secret to his success? Goldman has a pre-baking ritual he insists on which includes cleaning before he starts mixing and whipping, and he likes to turn up the tunes and start prepping. But that's only part of the equation that helps him produce delicious baked goods and dishes.

A baker is only as good as the ingredients used and his or her tools, and when it comes to the best place to purchase these items, Goldman revealed he is a one-stop-shop kind of guy. The owner of Charm City Cakes revealed he heads to a restaurant-supply store. He told Insider, "Everything in my kitchen comes from a restaurant-supply store because chefs need the best tools." What makes tools from a restaurant-supply store the "best"?

It's cheaper

Part of the appeal to the kitchen gear you get at one of these stores, which generally sells to restaurants, is that they are made to hold up to frequent use. The spatulas, spoons, baking sheets, and pans from a restaurant supply store are made to repeatedly withstand the washing cycle of a commercial dishwasher. No wonder Goldman is a fan of this specialty vendor.

Additionally, their selection is beyond what you would find at other stores that sell kitchen wares. A restaurant-supply store carries both everyday kitchen items that you will use on a daily basis as well as specialty tools you may not have even heard of. They also have different sizes of pretty much anything you might need to perfect your baked goods as well as your family meals. And the kitchen gear at a restaurant-supply store is generally cheaper than what you would otherwise spend at a department store or other kitchen retailer, which is something we all can get behind.