The Flavorful Mixers You May Not Have Thought To Add To Tequila Cocktails

While the margarita might be the most recognized in tequila cocktails, the spectrum of flavors is vast and varied, as David Yan González, Director of Tequila Operations at 818 Tequila, detailed in an exclusive conversation with Tasting Table. He begins, "What I love about tequila is that it is such a versatile spirit — because it is derived from agave, it has all the natural, balanced tastes that come from the plant — this makes it an excellent base for building a cocktail."

He continues, "Tequila can be used for sweet and savory cocktails alike. It goes particularly well with Amaros. Peychauds would be some of the best examples of good pairings. Fortified wines like vermouth and sweet liqueurs also offer a huge swath of delicious variations."

Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of proportions and tasting in crafting the perfect cocktail: "Crafting a great cocktail is a matter of quality and quantity. You should always taste your cocktails and adjust as needed along the way." Finally, González enthuses, "And tequila also LOVES pulpy sweet/tart fruits!"

Create your perfect tequila cocktail with the right mixers

Incorporating González's advice on pairing tequila with tarty fruits is 818 Tequila's very own Winter Berry Kenny recipe. Start by combining 1.5 oz of 818 Tequila Blanco, 0.75 oz of lime juice, 0.25 oz each of crème de cassis, orange liqueur, and ginger syrup. Shake these ingredients with ice, then strain them into a chilled coupe glass, garnishing with fresh blackberries adds a fruity finish. 

For a classic with a twist that mixes in Amaro and vermouth, try the 818 Negroni. Combine 1.0 oz each of 818 tequila blanco, Campari (or Cappelletti), and sweet vermouth, add three to four dashes of orange bitters, stir with ice, and strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with citrus peel for a flavorful and stylish cocktail. 

To start transforming your cocktail game, take González's tips and try a cocktail kit from 818 Tequila. The possibilities for flavorful mixers and tequila cocktails are endless, from a bold, rich Amaros-based drink to a refreshing, tarty-fruity delight. And, of course, as always, drink responsibly.