The Preferred Cut Of Meat For Tender Roast Beef Sandwiches

What makes a great roast beef sandwich? You could have the heartiest bread and the best condiments, but, at the end of the day, what truly makes a roast beef sandwich is the star of the show: the cut of beef you choose. 

All cuts of meat do not work for a roast beef. You cannot expect to get lovely, even, tender cuts out of something as tough and filled with sinews as a beef shank or shoulder. For a roast beef, you want to go with leaner cuts that have less fat all around. Keep in mind that while there are some lean cuts that are tough and require long periods of cooking, there are others that are tender, juicy, and full of that excellent beefy flavor. 

Another thing to note is that, though they are not the most well-known, there are a number of cuts that fall under the lean category. There are two in particular that are fantastic for making roast beef sandwiches: the classic bottom round roast, and the more premium top loin or NY strip roast. 

Err on the side of lean cuts for roast beef sandwiches

Perhaps the most common cut of meat used to make roast beef is the bottom round roast. It's a large, lean cut that is derived from the round of the cow, that is to say the rear end. The meat of a bottom round roast is tender and holds its form when cooked slowly in a Dutch oven, making it perfect for making deli-style roast beef sandwiches.  

Top loin roasts are usually reserved for making Italian beef sandwiches, so it's fitting that they can work just as well for roast beef ones. The top loin roast comes from the primal loin, which includes fattier cuts ribeye, sirloin, and porterhouse. Also known as a NY strip roast, the top loin has a little more in the way of marbling fats than other lean cuts, but that means more in terms of beefy flavor. Roasted in the oven or done in a pot roast, a top loin roast will yield succulent and tender slices. 

Other lean cuts with excellent flavor include eye of round, flank steak, tenderloin steak, and chuck roast. Whatever meat you choose and however you end up roasting it, you are in for an excellent cut that is full of flavor, tender in texture, and perfect for your roast beef sandwich.