The Clever Reason To Bring A Tray To Disney's Food And Wine Festival

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Attending Disney's Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT (slated for July 27 to November 18 of this year) is a food lover's dream, with specialty booth upon booth offering a smorgasbord of delicacies from around the globe, exquisite wines and cocktails, and the fun, festive atmosphere Disney is renowned for. But this culinary extravaganza isn't without its challenges. Navigating this famous festival can be tricky, especially when juggling multiple food items, a popcorn bucket, and drinks. Crowds are heavy, and tables are often scarce, making any available surface, even the top of a trash bin, a perch for food. 

To avoid that, here's a Disney-pro tip that may elevate your Disney's Food and Wine Festival experience: Bring a tray on your trip. A tray provides a sturdy, portable surface for food items and drinks. Think of it as an instant and mobile dining area. Whether you've ordered a vibrant "frushi" from Japan, loaded poutine or maple syrup popcorn from Canada, Emile's Fromage Montage, or a dainty macaron from France, a tray can carry them all in one swoop. Then, find a spot to sit and place your tray on your lap or a flat surface and enjoy your food. You can also walk around and eat, holding the tray in one hand while using your other hand to scoop food. 

An easy-to-transport and helpful tool

Bringing a tray to Disney's EPCOT Food and Wine Festival may seem unconventional, but it's super practical. First, trays are inexpensive, reusable, easy to buy online, and come in different colors. They're also lightweight and flat, making them easy to pack in your suitcase or backpack. If you're visiting as a group, you might wonder how many trays to bring. A good rule of thumb is one tray per person or couple. This will allow each individual or pair to manage their own orders, reducing the risk of mix-ups. Individual trays also make it simpler to sample different dishes at each person's own pace rather than synchronizing or taking turns within a group. Children will also appreciate their very own trays while eating. 

Ultimately, your tray won't just be a helpful tool; it'll symbolize your ingenuity and enthusiasm at Disney's Food and Wine Festival, enhancing your experience and potentially inspiring others to follow suit. You'll definitely be the coolest kid in town, be it in Belgium, Mexico, or China at EPCOT.