The Traditional Marinara Pizza David Chang Loves To Get In Tokyo

Japan may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of top-tier pizza, but on TikTok, Chef David Chang insists that there's one pizza that is unmissable should travelers find themselves visiting Tokyo. At Savoy Pizza's Azabu Juban location, marinara pizzas are served simply, with a platform of dough covered in a light scooping of sauce, grated garlic, fresh basil leaves, an assortment of dried seasonings, and drizzles of oil. The marinara pie is "one of the finest pizzas you'll ever have," Chang says, adding that the "exquisite" pie is as good as any you might find in Italy or New York. Even watching a video clip of the pizza being made inspires a few awed comments on the craftsmanship as he reminisces about a piece of this Neapolitan recipe.

The Azabu Juban Savoy is situated at the end of a shopping street, and diners can watch as chefs prepare pizzas to be placed into a wood-burning oven. But Savoy also has several locations for those in search of classic marinara and margherita orders — and with pizzas costing around $7, you won't have to open your wallet too widely to enjoy.

Serving satisfying simplicity in pizza form

David Chang isn't the only one waxing poetic about the pies pumped out of Savoy. "You don't think of pizza when you visit Japan but this one is worth the trip to the country," writes one reviewer. One Philadelphian pizza shop owner described the dough as the "best [he'd] ever had" — a crispy crust that gives way to an airy, chewy center lightly flavored with sea salt — and actor Aziz Ansari admitted, "I've lived in Italy and while things sound blasphemous the best pizza I've had in my life was here."

Even if you're used to scarfing down pizzas with all of the toppings and fixings, the simplicity of Savoy's recipes may quickly convert you to a new kind of order. Grab the lunch special — a pizza, small salad, and an espresso — for a little over $7, and you'll be on your way to sampling a piece of Chang's own pizza heaven. And if you can't make it to Tokyo, look to incorporate some of Savoy's elements into the pizzas you make at home. Think quality, not quantity, and choose ingredients with thoughtful precision as you assemble your own margherita pies. The end result may surprise you with mouth-watering flavors that hit all the right notes.