The Versatile Reason You Need To Roast More Cauliflower

In general, roasted vegetables are delicious, nutritious, and fairly hands-off to make, but there's one in particular that's extra versatile. Cauliflower can be a yummy ingredient cooked into risotto, mixed into potato salad, or boiled to make a mash, but it takes on especially tasty qualities when roasted in the oven. Unlike boiling, which can soften the veggie, roasting will allow its firm texture to remain more intact. And unlike using it raw, which can lend to a slightly bitter taste, roasting it caramelizes its sugars to bring out a natural sweetness. Plus, the neutrality of cauliflower allows it to readily absorb the other flavors around it, so it's easy to douse it with whatever oil, sauce, or seasoning you'd like in order to completely transform its taste.

The veggie's sweetness and ability to absorb outside flavors are what make it an extremely versatile option, So, if you want a little added nutrition and firmness without drastically altering the taste of your dish, roasted cauliflower just may do the trick.

How to use roasted cauliflower

We know that roasted cauliflower is delicious when incorporated into a variety of dishes, but what is the best way to use it as the center piece? For vegetarians and vegans (or those just trying to eat less meat), cauliflower steaks make for a delicious entree. Since the veggie takes on the flavors around it, like we've covered, you can transform it into a main course-worthy meal with seasonings like garlic powder and paprika. Of course, you can also douse it in cheese and sauce for extra oomph. The nutty flavor and caramelized tips of the cauliflower make for a delicious and layered flavor profile, while roasting it whole keeps the texture firmer than if you cut it into florets.

Vegetarian steaks aren't all this roasted veggie is good for, though. Roasted cauliflower makes for a perfect side dish with the seasonings and added ingredients of your choice. For example, toss it in a combination of turmeric, chili powder, cumin, red pepper flakes, paprika, or coriander for a spicy and slightly sweet finish. Or, include salty ingredients to balance out the caramelization, such as nuts, capers, and Parmesan cheese. Another option is to puree roasted cauliflower into a spread or soup, or toss chunks into a hearty salad where they can add a little crunch amidst softer foods like roasted squash and cheese. Roasted cauliflower even deserves a place next to proteins like chicken and fish, or nestled into a plate of pasta. What can't this veggie do?