The Blending Tip To Follow When Making Frozen Drinks

A frozen cocktail, slushie, or smoothie can be both refreshing and celebratory. On a hot day or night, there is nothing that can cool you off quicker and give you brain freeze in the process like slurping up a thick, sweet smoothie or frozen margarita. However, perfecting these chilly beverages can be challenging if you aren't a pro with your blender. When it comes to these small appliances, all blenders are not created equally and knowing how to use yours properly can help yield a frozen drink worthy of your taste buds. 

Achieving a smooth texture and, in some cases, avoiding the separation of ingredients all comes down to the power of your kitchen gadget and the speed settings. Think of the blending process like you would prepare to run a marathon. You don't want to start at the fastest speed or you can quickly wind up with an over-blended drink. Instead, you want to start slow with a few quick pulses and build up to that high speed. This will help break up those fibrous fruits, veggies, and ice before you hit high to blend everything together.

Be kind to your blender

What happens when you over-blend at a high speed? It can turn your smoothie into a thin, melting, and runny mess, but on the flip side under-blending isn't any better. Instead of a smooth drink you can slurp up with a straw, you encounter chunks and lumps. It also isn't good for the motor of your blender to have it running faster and on high. It could even cause it to burn out and these appliances are too expensive to have that.

Incorporating too much air is another issue you may run into when turning your blender on high to make a frozen drink. This is another result of over-blending and can cause the texture of your drink to be frothy and foamy instead of velvety and creamy. Additionally, consider crushing your ice in the blender using the low and slow method before you begin making your drink to both be kind to the motor and to help achieve the texture you want .