The Layered Mason Jar Meal Trend You May Have Forgotten About

Early morning as you consider the impending workday, the thought of prepping a lunch that is both transportable and remains fresh until noon becomes daunting. There's a solution for you from yesteryears that's trending again: layered Mason jar meals. Creating these types of dishes is a cinch. Let's start with some salad recipes

The trick lies in layering: Add a dressing of your choice at the bottom of the jar and layer veggies, protein, complex carbs for energy if desired, and a crown of leafy greens or herbs at the top. Of course, you can change things up by adding nuts or hummus. Or, try a fruit salad. Regardless of what you make, a simple shake of the vibrant jar offers a perfectly tossed, non-soggy salad by lunchtime. 

However, the magic of meals in a jar extends beyond salads. For example, consider a noodle dish. Start with a flavorful sauce followed by cooked noodles, vegetables, and protein. Add hot water to transform these ingredients at lunchtime into an instant, mouthwatering noodle soup, or eat it as a cold noodle dish instead.

Use a Mason jar to create easy, beautifully layered desserts

For those who want to satisfy their sweet tooth, you can easily make a beautifully layered dessert in a Mason jar. To end your meal on a sweet note, consider this Southeast Asian-inspired, not-too-sweet dessert: mango coconut chia pudding. 

This layered dessert, reminiscent of Thai mango sticky rice (or khao niaow ma muang), begins with a chia and coconut milk base, sweetened subtly with agave syrup or sweetened condensed milk, and topped with spoonfuls of fresh mango purée. After being layered in the mason jar and refrigerated, it settles into a satisfying, visually stunning dessert. For an extra touch, add mango cubes, toasted coconut flakes, sesame seeds, and mint leaves as toppings before serving.

From layered salads and noodle soups to delightful desserts, jar-based meals continue to inspire and pop up on social media because of their adaptability and simplicity. As we navigate our busy lives, the enduring charm of Mason jar meals assures a visually appealing and transportable meal solution, proving that not all culinary trends fade completely — some can evolve into staples over time.