The Simple Trick For Crispier Roasted Chicken

There's no denying Americans' love for chicken. No matter how you cook it, poultry truly packs a flavorful punch. The roasted version, however, strikes a chord with us, from how simple it is to prepare to how delicious this humble baked bird tastes. But to ensure your roast chicken is a perfect crowd-pleaser every single time, pair that flavorful and tender bird meat with crispy, crackly skin, and you're sure everyone will be smiling at dinner time.

Pulling off that golden-topped chicken doesn't just happen by chance. You'll need to be deliberate about it and follow the right techniques — you know, purchase the best quality broiler, dry the bird, coat it with butter, crank up the oven, the whole nine yards. There's, however, one simple trick that can make your roasted poultry even crispier at the end of the day, which is raising your chicken. Instead of placing the bird directly on the baking sheet or roasting pan, prop it up using a roasting rack. This simple step will allow room for airflow around the chicken, helping it brown evenly.

Use a roasting rack to elevate your chicken

If you think about it, the caramelization of chicken skin happens when exposed to the oven's dry heat. That's why you'll notice the browning begins from the chicken breast area because the bird is usually placed breast-up. On the other hand, the backside remains seated in a pool of drippings from the roasting chicken that accumulates on the baking sheet, and that fluid prevents any chances of browning the skin in that area. Placing a wire rack on the baking sheet is the secret to ensuring every side of the chicken experiences that dry oven heat.

Another clever way to elevate your roasted poultry is by adding chopped vegetables at the base of the roasting pan — potatoes, carrots, and onions — to serve as a trivet on top of which you can position your chicken. This is an excellent strategy since you'll not only manage to elevate the bird but also add some vegetable flavor to the finished meal, plus secure a tasty side dish to go with your roasted chicken with no extra time or work put in.