Rich Crab Is The LA Restaurant David Chang Can't Get Enough Of

Chef David Chang is not shy when it comes to sharing his food preferences, and Rich Crab in Los Angeles' Koreatown is no exception. Chang took to TikTok to boast about the establishment, raving about the spicy crab and spicy soup, soy marinated with aromatics, and potato pancakes. He makes no effort to hide his enthusiasm for the place, using expletives to convey just how good he has found it. 

Chang describes Rich Crab as a "Mom and Pop" joint and gushes that blue crab and flower crab are used to make the spot's flavorful dishes. And Chang isn't the only one obsessed with the restaurant's menu. "This was a wonderful lunch, one that I'd love to repeat in its entirety as often as possible," wrote one Yelp reviewer. Raw marinated crab is one of the unique dishes on the menu at Rich Crab, and the restaurant is one of only a handful of establishments that offers the order. The service there is known to be welcoming and warm, so if you're unsure about what to try, you can always ask for suggestions.

An eating experience that calls for gloves

Potato pancakes are a solid bet, and for those hesitant about digging into various sea creatures, the sweet, tender crab meat will quickly convert skeptics. Generous bowls of steamed rice can be used as vehicles for other ingredients or be spooned on top of dishes to add texture and a chewy mouthfeel. To finish your meal, one TikTok user encourages a final order of spicy seafood soup to drive the experience home. 

With plates of crab, pickles, kimchi, and fishcake, get ready to roll up your sleeves. For those with business meetings later in the day, gloves and wipes are available so you can dig your hands into your meal without worrying about the aftermath. Be prepared to sate your appetite carefully if you're on a budget, however, as one large spicy crab stew can cost over $100 for an order that is meant to feed several diners. A party of four to five can split the costs of a combo meal, dividing the $150 experience for the chance to sample soy sauce marinated crab, spicy marinated crab, spicy crab stew, and kimchi pancakes.

If you can't make it to Rich Crab, consider putting together crab cakes or crab and corn chowder for yourself in the comfort of your own kitchen — gloves aren't required, but still recommended.