Fans Of The Banshees Of Inisherin Can Visit The Real Pub In Ireland

Lovers of the film The Banshees of Inisherin have a destination for their next pint. Though the pub featured in the movie was purely fictional, one bar owner in Ireland has taken it upon himself to turn the make-believe set into reality. J. J. Devine Public House was built for the making of the film, but visitors can now reenact their favorite scenes inside the pub thanks to the hard work of Luke Mee.

Mee was able to track down the original set and rebuilt the pub in the back of his bar in Kilkerrin, Ireland. It was no easy feat, Mee explained to The Irish Post, and his friends and family pitched in to locate the original windows and features of the set design. Mee and his team transported pieces of the bar more than 100 miles to his property and worked completely in secret, only revealing the ambitious undertaking after the project was complete. 

Preserving history for cinephiles

Mee and his friends certainly have been determined to do their part of keeping the spirit of J.J. Devine's Public House alive. From paint colors to furnishings on walls, the reconstruction team used film screenshots while rebuilding the pub to get decorating details right. Mirroring scenes in the movie, a stencil of an ocean is painted onto a window, and a donkey wanders around the premises. 

The completed pub is now filled with music, dancers, and frothy glasses of poured pints of Guinness. A free drink even awaits Taylor Swift, who revealed her desire to visit the pub if it was ever reconstructed. Thanks to Mee, Swift, Instagram influencers, and other movie lovers have the ideal place to stop in for a shot – both in liquid and visual form — while others may fantasize about ending long-standing relationships within the confines of the pub's walls. Cheers to friendship, or might we say "Sláinte."