The Clever Ingredient Addition That Will Take Crescent Rolls To The Next Level

The flaky, pillowy soft texture of a crescent roll makes it a favorite addition to any meal. The rich, buttery taste can be quite satisfying and, because you can purchase the dough premade, crescent rolls are easy to make in a pinch and pair well with a wide array of dishes. However, if you want to take your crescent roll to the next level, you may want to consider adding a clever ingredient to make your taste buds sing: blue cheese.

The merits of blue cheese extend beyond those blue and green veins that run through it. This tangy and creamy cheese adds a distinct flavor to anything it touches, including crescent rolls. The richness of blue cheese against a canvas of dough creates a deliciously savory bite as its sharp, tangy, and slightly salty taste boasts a nutty undertone, creating a depth of flavor that transforms your crescent roll into a sophisticated dinner roll. 

Pair your blue cheese crescent rolls with fruit

What you will love about this trick is it takes a small amount of this crumbly cheese to turn your crescent into something a little more upscale and luxurious. Simply break apart those triangle doughs and place a small spoonful in the middle and roll it up. Blue cheese works well in this instance because when it melts it becomes ooey-gooey and even creamier. When you are ready to pop your blue cheese crescent rolls in the oven, bake per the dough's directions and prepare to impress your family and dinner guests. 

But don't stop there. Get creative and combine blue cheese with little bits of fruit like apples, pears, or figs to create a sweet and savory crescent roll. Drizzle a little honey over slices of banana and crumbles of blue cheese before baking or consider adding little bits of bacon to your blue cheese crescent for a truly taste bud-bursting experience.