The Traditional Way To Serve A Mojito

Few drinks hit with quite the same refreshment as a mojito. Its bright and tangy combination of lime and mint atop a rum base delights with a vivid and robust flavor. The key to its perfection is a thoughtful selection of the base spirit — a high-quality light rum that ideally merges with the accompanying components. It is topped with soda water, which breathes an invigorating zestiness into this highball-like formula.

So to make the mojito shine, it's necessary to serve it properly. It traditionally comes together in a tall, 12-ounce glass. The large volume contains all of the carbonated goodness, and the vertical height keeps it fizzy. A Collins glass perfectly fits the criteria. And to add even more of that vibrant floral flavor, place mint leaves — along with a few lime wedges — to the bottom, and muddle them together. Then, pour the shaken contents over the ice, and fill the rest with soda water. Finish with a sprig or two of mint, along with a lime wheel on the rim or top. 

Other ways to serve a mojito

While the Collins glass is the traditional fit for a mojito, it's not the only way to concoct a tasty rendition of the beverage. Margarita lovers can opt for a frozen version, which will do better in the wide margarita glass to contain the ice. The same goes for other spins that uses other fruity and fresh ingredients such as strawberries or blueberries in the drink; in order to make them easier to scoop, opt for a vessel accessible with a spoon. 

If you're looking to make a mocktail version, you should reach for a shorter, nearly old-fashioned-like cup since the drink needs less dilution. Also, such a shorter glass format works for interpretations sans club soda since there's less attention needed for the carbonation. When entertaining a crowd, it can even be batched like a punch in a traditional pitcher and then served. Whichever vessel you choose, it'll be sure to a hit a refreshing spot.