We Sampled The Disney San Fransokyo Square Menu. These Are The Two Dishes You Need To Order

Goodbye, Pacific Wharf. Hello, San Fransokyo Square! The "Big Hero 6"-inspired section of Disney California Adventure Park is nearly complete, but before the official August 31 opening, Tasting Table managed to get a sneak taste of what's in store on the food and drink front. As you might expect, the roster combines East and West flavors with plenty of new menu additions including updates of DCA mainstays (think quesabirria in ramen form and a bread bowl clam chowder with a miso upgrade). 

While established spots such as Ghiradelli Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop and Cucina Cucamonga will be sticking around (with some Baymax-approved upgrades), they'll be joined by debuts spots including the homey Aunt Cass Cafe and sudsy Port of San Fransokyo Cervecería. Our dining preview included an impressive sampling of savory dishes, sweets, and sippers — rest assured, the California Adventure foodie cred remains intact. There were, however, two dishes that stood out from the pack and need to be at the top of your San Fransokyo Square must-eat list.  

The karaage-inspired crispy chicken sandwich will make plenty of noise

Move over Nashville — you've got some chicken sandwich competition. We've long enjoyed karaage by the piece, but placing the Japanese-style crunchy bird between a bun with a few tasty accouterments is a welcome upgrade. The Karaage-inspired Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which will be served at California Adventure stalwart Lucky Fortune Cookie, certainly lives up to its name. Thankfully, bland breast is passed over for juicy and flavor-packed thigh meat, which according to Disney California Adventure Culinary Director Jeremiah Balogh, marinates for 24 hours in a mix of soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil. A coating of flour and corn starch along with a double fry ensures maximum crunch.  

Togarashi-spiced mayo provides a creamy touch while a simple slaw addition brings welcome freshness. The fluffy potato bun is the perfect vessel to transport all that goodness to your mouth. Though the side of garlic chips seems like a bit of an afterthought, we're not complaining. 

You'll be elated for this elote

The corn and stick combo is a Disney standard, but in this case, you won't find any meat or a deep-fried golden brown batter. Instead, diners will be treated to a classic yellow cob which is given the elote treatment with a Japanese twist. Similar to traditional Mexican street corn, the San Fransokyo version gets a mayo slather, but rather than a sprinkle of Tajín, togarashi stands in to spice things up. The familiar queso fresco crumble remains a constant (Japan offers plenty of culinary delights, though cheese is not among them), but the hit of furikake and bonito flakes is not something you'd find in the Mission. 

Put it all together, and you've got a sweet, savory, smoky, slightly spicy portably powerhouse. Just like the perfect cover song, the San Fransokyo-Style Street Corn offers the tried and true notes of the original but in an exciting new package. Corn kids and adults will want to make their way to Cocina Cucamonga for this tasty treat.