The BLT Trend Molly Yeh Can't Get On Board With

It's no secret that cookbook author Molly Yeh knows a whole lot about food. After all, she hosts the Food Network show, "Girl Meets Farm." And, with that knowledge comes a lot of opinions. There are a whole lot of food trends out there, but there's one in particular that Yeh doesn't exactly connect with: Avocados on everything. From avocado toast to avocado sauce, avocados sure seem to be everywhere. But, according to Yeh, there is one thing that she should remain avocado-free.

During a September 2022 interview with Tasting Table, Yeh said, "I feel like adding avocado to a BLT is trying to fix something that isn't broken. A peak-season BLT is perfect — it doesn't need avocado." And Yeh's opinion on avocados doesn't stop there. Despite their intense popularity, she admitted that her view on avocados doesn't exactly align with the many people out there who love the avocado trend.

Molly Yeh thinks avocados are a bit overused

Molly Yeh is all for unexpected food combinations or trying out new recipes. In fact, in her cookbook, "Home is Where the Eggs Are," she adds cakes or cookies to smoothies. But she doesn't think that avocados belong in all of the dishes they've been added to since gaining popularity in recent years.

Yeh told Tasting Table, "I'm generally pretty open to trying most combinations, and I don't want to yuck anyone's yum, but sometimes I feel that avocados get treated incorrectly. Their texture isn't great in anything warm, like a grilled cheese or [any] other hot sandwich." This mindset, of course, extends to some cold sandwiches as well — looking at you, BLT.

During the interview, Yeh also admitted that Bernie's, her restaurant in East Grand Forks, Minnesota, wouldn't be serving avocado toast – but only because it wasn't not local.