Bobby Flay's Trick For Potato Salad Soaked In Bacon Flavor

Potato salad lovers who are looking to switch things up will love Bobby Flay's German version of this barbecue and potluck favorite. According to Food Network, Flay's take on this classic side differs from its American counterpart in that it shuns a heavier mayo-based dressing and instead features a vinaigrette that is bursting with bacon flavor. On an episode of "Boy Meets Grill," via YouTube, Flay rhetorically asks as he prepares this dish, " many better things in the world are [there] other than bacon?"

Of course, while bacon's salty and smoky taste is beloved and its crunchy texture is beyond compare, it is not unique to potato salad. What is a little different from your typical German potato salad recipe is how Flay incorporates this taste into his salad which makes it a must-try. Bacon drippings are a key ingredient in his dressing. The onion is cooked in this ingredient before the vinegar and mustard are added to create a decadent dressing that is poured over the potatoes while they are still hot.

Potatoes absorb flavors

Why don't you wait and let the potatoes cool like you do with American potato salad before adding the dressing? The reason is simple. You want the potatoes hot so the bacon-vinegar-mustard dressing will soak into those creamy spuds and impart a deliciously savory bite with each forkful. This is because potatoes have a sponge-like quality and tend to absorb flavors, similar to how they do when cooked in a soupy broth.

The bacon flavor is further intensified by the half pound of fried pork that Flay chops up and mixes with the earthy and starchy-tasting potatoes. This salad really is a bacon connoisseur's dream. When it comes to the potatoes, those of the red variety tend to complement the salty bacon, but Yukon Gold or Yellow Potatoes can work in a pinch. You can serve the "Iron Chef" alum's German potato salad hot or at room temperature.