Starbucks Introduces Signature Classes To Customers At Reserve Roasteries

Ever wanted to learn more about the finer points of coffee tasting and mixology? If so, a visit to your nearest Starbucks Reserve Roastery may be in the books since the infamous green-apron establishment is expanding its Empire State Building location's exclusive, hands-on coffee workshops to its three main Reserve Roasteries across the U.S. 

The Seattle, Chicago, and New York locations are now offering "Signature Experiences," a collection of classes and workshops that feature "the latest innovations in coffee brewing as well as mixology skills and tastings." Starting at $45 and up, these classes are ticketed individually at limited daily slots and range from 30 to 60 minutes each.

The shortest experience is "Coffee Lab: A Journey of the Senses," where attendees will spend 30 minutes learning about layered aromas in coffee and how to properly taste and identify them. Next is the 45-minute "Oleato Tasting Experience" that explains the details behind the unique Oleato line of drinks. Finally, there's the hour-long "Art of the Espresso Martini," which teaches attendees how to mix their own Starbucks Reserve Espresso Martini with the guidance of expert mixologists.

Hands-on coffee experiences to remember

It's important to note that while it seems the prices are higher in the New York Roastery than the others, the base prices for each class are the same across the board; the New York bookings simply list the total price after fees and taxes have been accounted for. The "Art of the Espresso Martini," "Oleato Tasting Experience," and "Coffee Lab: A Journey of the Senses" cost $95, $50, and $45 respectively, and it looks like you can expect roughly $5 to $8 in fees added to your total.

Additionally, the "Oleato Tasting Experience" is also offered at the Starbucks Reserve Empire State Building store, albeit at a higher price of $60 per person. You can try the "Espresso Martini Flight Fundamentals" workshop that runs at 60 minutes for $125, which is similar to "Art of the Espresso Martini" and teaches attendees how to mix the location-exclusive Empire State Espresso Martini. There are also two Seattle-exclusive classes included in the "Signature Experiences" collection, "Siphon Experience" and "It Started Here First," which run at 30 and 45 minutes respectively.