Combine Canned Pineapple And Baked Beans For A Dreamy BBQ Side

Getting sides ready to serve at this weekend's barbecue need not become a stressful affair. The ingredients to make a quick, easy, and delicious recipe are hiding in the cupboards of your kitchen. Though adding canned pineapple to a tin of baked beans may seem like an interesting combination, the choice is a wise one — and you'll have empty dishes to prove it.

The sweet addition of pineapple brings a zesty flavor to traditional baked beans. As this recipe simmers in your slow cooker, your home will be filled with mouthwatering aromas that will have you eager to get the backyard party started. Just like your favorite pineapple salsa recipes, baked beans with pineapple can be seasoned and salted to deliver the perfect level of heat for the palates at your picnic. Add peppers, chili powder, and minced garlic until the spiciness is to your liking, then get ready to scoop and serve multiple servings of this flavorful side dish. 

The addition of easy sweetness

Plain canned beans will never taste the same once you've included juicy chunks of pineapple. Meat lovers can load up their recipes with bacon and sausage, while vegetarians can use meat replacements to add texture and richness to the dish. Flavor the simmering pineapple-and-beans mixture with spicy mustard, or for sweeter servings consider adding molasses, maple syrup, sprinkles of brown sugar, or generous spoonfuls of ketchup.

This versatile recipe can be baked in the oven, left to simmer on the stove, or placed in a slow cooker to be ready to serve for tonight's dinner. When served with fresh slices of warm buttermilk cornbread and grilled chicken and vegetable kebabs taken hot off the grill, your next backyard barbecue is in for a seriously sweet and flavorful upgrade. You may need to make more than you'd originally intended to feed all of the hungry mouths at the party.