Upgrade Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs With A Cheesy Twist

Even when served at their simplest, hot dogs are pretty tasty. Yet, we can probably all agree that there's room to make them a touch more interesting. Bun options and topping choices can definitely work to dress up hot dogs, and there's an opportunity to amp up the flavor before wieners even hit the grill by wrapping them in bacon. But why stop there? Add some cheese, and now you've got a bacon-wrapped hot dog that goes a step above the rest.

The idea is straightforward. Before diagonally draping a strand of smoky, center-cut bacon around a hot dog (or even a mini Oscar Mayer), first stuff them with cheese. Doing this will give the sausages another layer of flavor and touch of umami all while adding velvety texture thanks to the gooey and melty cheese. 

As for which cheese is best, cheese strings or sticks are ideal given their size and shape. Flavor-wise, anything works as long as it melts. Mozzarella, cheddar, pepper jack, or Gouda can all be great options to stuff inside hotdogs. Of course, you could also use grated cheese, just keep in mind that this can be messier and lack the same degree of oozy goodness as a strand of snacking cheese.

For a superior cheesy, bacon-wrapped hot dog, remember these tips

In order to stuff hot dogs, it's necessary to cut the wieners lengthwise about halfway through. Once the hot dogs have been stuffed, the next part of the equation is wrapping them in bacon. A tip that we're obsessed with is to score hot dogs beforehand to ensure even cooking and prevent any warping. Plus, this will also allow bacon juices to seep further into the hotdog once wrapped. Speaking of which, tucking in bacon ends will eliminate the need for toothpicks. Should you notice unraveling, simply stick a toothpick on either end to keep things in place until bacon has crisped up and the hot dogs are ready to be pulled from the grill. 

Standard garnishes like ketchup, mustard, or diced onions can work, but a hot dog this extravagant also benefits from unique toppers. For instance, to offset richness and juxtapose savoriness, consider adding on fresh shredded lettuce, vibrant pickled onions, or even sweet fruit salsa or candied jalapeños. When it comes to dolling up this flavor bomb of a hotdog, the more avant garde the garnish, the better!