The Gorgeous Thai Ice Cream Treats Inspired By Temple Designs

In these unprecedentedly hot times, an exquisite ice cream treat seems to be the perfect viral distraction. Travelers in Thailand have discovered such a treat with Pop Icon's "Flower of Dawn" ice cream desserts.

Inspired by Bangkok's famed Temple of Dawn's (Wat Arun) intricate floral tiles, this pressed ice cream delicacy features a mesmerizing display of blossoms signature to the pagoda. Though its design is a complex array of flowers, its flavoring is sweetly simple. Pop Icon is currently only offering it in two classic Thai flavors: ice blue butterfly pea flower and smoked coconut and sherbet orange Thai milk tea. Both pay homage to Thai heritage, with coconut and butterfly pea flower classic dessert flavors and Thai tea a world-renowned drink.

Sirinya Hanpachearnchoak, the owner of Pop Icon, is the mind behind the marketable dessert and its lovely design. Her main goal? "I think that if we put the temple's identity on the ice cream, people might spend more time examining the details (of the pagoda) than they otherwise would," she told Reuters.   

A picture-perfect ice cream treat

Indeed, looking at Wat Arun's 1 million tiles can be an overwhelming experience. The ice cream's namesake inspiration was made from the remnants of Chinese porcelain salvaged from a shipwreck. The Buddhist monks of Wat Arun took these shards and created colorful, glittering flower designs on the pagoda's soaring spire (also known as the prang). According to Khaosod English, Hanpachearnchoak and her team have been researching the pagoda's tile design for over two years, working to create a mold that perfectly encapsulated the many designs featured. 

If you find your way to Thailand, you can currently snag this beautiful treat at the Arun Cafe near the temple for 89 baht (about $2.56). As a sweet bonus, Pop Icon has mentioned donating its ice cream proceeds to the Buddhist temple for education and medical funds. But be warned; if you go, it's best you get to the shop early, as this Instagram-able treat sells out every day.