How To Approach The Coffee Aisle On Your Next Trader Joe's Visit

Trader Joe's is many people's go-to grocery store when it comes to buying everything from snacks to quality frozen meals to fresh produce and more. But there's one underrated Trader Joe's product that seems to be flying under the radar: coffee grounds.

You may have noticed that Trader Joe's has its own coffee section, full of various coffee roasts to choose from. It's an easy section to overlook, seeing as coffee lovers likely already have their go-to coffee roast, whether it's a Starbucks blend or a roast from their local shop. But, as it turns out, Trader Joe's coffee shouldn't be overlooked, as it has the type of quality that could rival Starbucks or a local roast — especially the small lot coffee roasts. 

The small lot coffees come from small farms, with each farm having its own unique spin on its roast. Further, small lot coffee is packaged quickly after being harvested — often within a week — so these roasts are the freshest option. Those small lot coffee roasts will go quickly at TJ's, so keep an eye out for them. Each one will clearly be labeled that it comes from a small lot. 

Trader Joe's offers a plethora of small lot coffee options

If you're not sure where to start with small lot coffee from Trader Joe's, here are some options to try: Arroyo Bonito Estate Dominican Republic Small Lot Coffee, Zamora Ecuador Small Lot Coffee, and Indian Pearl Mountain Small Lot Coffee. Oftentimes, the small lot options are sold at Trader Joe's in a limited capacity, so these may not currently be available at your local TJ's, but they'll give you a glimpse into what to expect.

The Arroyo Bonito Estate is a medium roast with notes of dried cherry, raisin, and plum. Meanwhile, the Zamora Ecuador option is another medium roast and contains flavors such as dark chocolate and nutmeg with a full-bodied taste. Finally, Indian Pearl Mountain — which Tasting Table ranked as the fifth best Trader Joe's coffee roast — tastes of milk chocolate and dried figs. Each variety is guaranteed to offer a dynamic and interesting coffee experience.

All in all, whatever your preferred coffee taste is, Trader Joe's is likely to have a small lot roast that will be perfect for you — and, because it's from a small lot, you know it will be as fresh as possible.