Guy Fieri Brings Flavortown To Las Vegas, And We Got An Inside Look - Exclusive

Guy Fieri, both the man and the brand, is larger than life. He is one of the most well-known household names in the world of food thanks to countless television episodes and a growing, nationwide restaurant empire, not to mention his own tequila company, a winery, a cigar line, merch, and more. Just like his food and entrepreneurial efforts, Fieri's persona is a force to be reckoned with. He's exuberant, spirited, and yes, maybe a little corny, but in an infectious way that gets you excited to try whatever he declares "funkylicious." Now, the Mayor of Flavortown is "rolling out" once again with his newest restaurant, Guy Fieri's Flavortown Sports Kitchen, located in the heart of the Las Vegas strip.

For Fieri, expanding his Las Vegas dining portfolio isn't just about the flare — it's personal. "Vegas has always been very important to me and having restaurants around the city is a dream come true. I went to UNLV and graduated from the hospitality program so to be back here at this level is really rewarding," he told Tasting Table in an exclusive interview. We also attended the grand opening of Guy Fieri's Flavortown Sport Kitchen — complete with red (well, orange) carpet fanfare, a live marching band, plenty of delicious food and drinks, and even Fieri's iconic red Camaro — to get an inside look at the restaurant.

The ultimate sports and dining destination

Fieri has deep rooted ties to Las Vegas, but also remembers a time when casinos alone reigned supreme. "Food was always kind of like an afterthought," he recalled while speaking at the grand opening. Now, as Las Vegas continues to evolve from a gambling paradise to an unmatched sports and dining destination, Fieri has planted himself directly in the crossroads. "I think it's my responsibility ... [to] give [people] the best experience I can when they come to my restaurants ... everybody that participates in the Las Vegas food entertainment scene should be feeling the responsibility," he shared, adding "not everybody that comes to Vegas is into sports. Not everybody's into gambling, but usually everybody's into food."

It's only fitting that Fieri would bring Flavortown to Las Vegas. Make your way down the strip today and you'll see restaurant after restaurant showcasing some of the most notable culinary offerings money can buy, complete with elaborate presentations and glamorous energy. Now, Fieri's new restaurant, his fifth in Sin City, joins the ranks of Giada de Laurentiis, Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsay, Chris Santos, Martha Stewart, Nobu Matsuhisa, and so many more. 

Guy Fieri's Flavortown Sports Kitchen is nestled just inside the newly revived Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel, which is part of the Caesars Entertainment family. The hotel and casino is historically known for its ties to poker, sports, and gambling, and after a nearly two-decade hiatus, it's back in an updated, elevated space that makes it the perfect home for Fieri's latest culinary endeavor.

What to expect at Flavortown Sports Kitchen

Flavortown Sports Kitchen combines the top-tier sports viewing experience that more and more fans are coming for with the really good food you expect from Las Vegas's celebrity restaurants. The nearly 300-square-foot space is decked out with more than 30 TVs and a 32-foot video wall so you'll never miss a game. The restaurant's back wall is even made with wood from a reclaimed basketball court. But even if you're not a sports fanatic, the food alone will have you wanting to make a stop in Flavortown. 

Prepare for an over-the-top experience truly befitting of both Las Vegas and Guy Fieri. In terms of flavor and creativity, it's leagues beyond what you'll find at a typical sports bar, and pushes the limits of Fieri's own culinary repertoire. Fieri described this menu as "truly the culmination of many years of trying new things, seeing what works and what doesn't." 

While the menu varies widely in terms of selection, there are themes we noticed throughout, including a lot of spicy elements, from the Dragon's Breath Chili to the spicy buffalo wings to the jalapeño-studded Philly cheesesteak burger and several cocktails with a kick. There are also a lot of dishes that feature Fieri's signature super melty cheese, including all of the burgers and nachos on the menu and the baked pretzel bites with a pale ale fondue. And, you'll find a lot of loaded combinations, like the fries, which come with three different types in an order, the breakfast sandwich piled with three meats, and ingredient-packed desserts.

Tasting Table's recommendations for must-try dishes

After eating our way through the menu, there are several stand out dishes we recommend. For a true Guy Fieri experience, the cheeseburger Trash Can nachos are a new and very tasty iteration of his now-famous dish. For a lighter contrast, the Santo Mezquila-infused watermelon salad garnished with pepitas brittle is fresh, sweet, tangy, and fun. And the standard burger on the menu is anything but, coming complete with its own crispy cheese skirt. 

Providing even more flavor and flare is the donut burger that's literally deep-fried in tempura batter. While it's more than a mouthful to say the least, the sweet and savory combination worked so well that we couldn't put it down. Another attention-grabbing item is the Quesa-Birria Mexican "Pizza," which features slow cooked birria-style beef piled on a crispy and gooey quesadilla, loaded with toppings and served with a side of decadent consumé for dipping. Fieri wouldn't pick a favorite menu item, but he did tell Tasting Table, "If I saw this menu in my research for a ["Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives"] location, I'd want to know more ... it's funky and awesome."

You'll find something for everyone, you'll definitely need to share dishes, and you'll probably want to come back to try more of the elaborate creations, which is just how Fieri intended it. "I want you to be able to go out to one of our places every day and feel like you discovered something new," he said.

Complete the experience with signature drinks and desserts

It's no secret at this point that a solid food menu isn't enough in Sin City. In order to be successful, Las Vegas restaurants must deliver on the drinks as well. And the beverage menu at Guy Fieri's Flavortown Sports Kitchen is certainly decked out enough to accompany anything the kitchen is cooking up. The cocktail list features a heavy dose of tequila, featuring Fieri's own line, Santos Tequila. "The old standby is our best-selling Caliente Margarita using Santo Blanco," he told Tasting Table, but there are plenty of other options for tequila lovers and beyond.

We found the Santo Strawberry Margarita to be very fresh and not overly sweet, featuring fresh fruit, citrus juices, and agave nectar. The Whiskey Banana Buzz is rich, yet balanced, with Jack Daniel's Old No. 7, banana, marshmallow, bitters, and lemon. Fieri himself also recommends the Mezquila Passionfruit Mule, which puts a tropical spin on the classic.

While there's likely a slim chance you'll make it to dessert with the enticing offerings and huge portions on the menu, Fieri says it's worth making another trip just to indulge your sweet tooth. Try out the banana créme brulée with salted whiskey caramel, the triple-layered Oreo mint chocolate ice cream sandwich, or just bet all in on the fully loaded Flavortown Sports Sundae, which comes garnished with chocolate money.