Why Lasagna Is Perfect For Delivery And Travel

For years, lasagna has been a beloved Italian classic. It's cherished everywhere from menus at Michelin-starred restaurants and Italian bistros to takeout options on food-delivery apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash. Executive chef Luis Gutierrez of Cucina Colore went so far as to dub lasagna a contender for the perfect delivery food due, in part, to its versatility. "Lasagna is great hot or cold, and it freezes and thaws well," he told Insider. "It also has a long shelf life."

Lasagna has also long been considered a good travel food. After all, there's canned lasagna. It may not taste as good as homemade lasagna, but it perfectly demonstrates how well this dish fares when packed up and brought to go. Lasagna can be cut into smaller portions and jammed into a Tupperware container for easier transport, and the layered ingredients help ensure that the dish stays in one shape throughout.

The perfect takeout food

Lasagna can be enjoyed in various ways. Whether you eat it piping hot or cold (although the latter might not be as enjoyable), the lasagna will still retain its rich creaminess and flavor. As long as the restaurant has packed it properly, rest assured that your lasagna will stay warm. The way that lasagna is made naturally allows it to trap heat and moisture, so fresh lasagna can stay warm for hours before you need to reheat it.

Speaking of its structure, the way that lasagna is made makes it incredibly easy to pack in a to-go box, whether it be a cardboard container or a glass box. Unlike other dishes like spaghetti or salad, the generous cheese layer on top tamps down all the loose ingredients like sauce-coated pasta and ground beef. This effectively ensures that all those ingredients won't go everywhere in the box when the kitchen staff and delivery driver handle it.

Lasagna is prized by travelers

And here's a bonus for travelers: lasagna is incredibly portable. Its fairly rigid structure means you can easily cut it into square or rectangle-shaped portions and store it in a Tupperware container to bring with you. If it's still warm, you can wrap it in foil to retain the heat even longer. You also don't have to worry when it has cooled down over the course of your trip. Lasagna can be easily reheated on a stovetop, in an oven, or in a microwave.

Lastly, lasagna boasts impressive shelf stability. The tightly-packed structure prevents oxygen from reaching the more perishable ingredients at the bottom — such as the ground beef and pasta sauce — allowing it to have a far longer lifespan. If you can't finish your portion, simply store it in the fridge or freezer. This makes lasagna a top choice for travelers, who highly value food that can be easily stored and enjoyed later. And, of course, for takeaway lovers, the idea of tucking leftover lasagna away in the fridge to finish later is also quite appealing.

Although lasagna can be a pain to prepare and cook, it has more than proven itself as the ultimate go-to food for takeout and travel. Its popularity is well-deserved!