How To Smoothly Incorporate Cookie Spreads Into Iced Coffee

What's better than an ice cold glass of coffee in the morning? A flavored, sweetened iced coffee that basically takes your morning cup of joe into full dessert territory. You can include a variety of sweeteners (like honey, sugar, Stevia) and syrups (such as caramel, vanilla, chocolate to name a few) into your cold brew to give it that extra oomph — but if you're looking to take your drink to the next level of decadence, try incorporating a cookie spread. 

It may sound difficult to incorporate a goopy spread into a cold beverage, but the trick is to make hot coffee first, then stir the cookie goo in until it's completely dissolved. Afterward, you can cool the whole thing down and sip on a smooth, sweet drink. If you've ever downed spoonfuls of Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's, or enjoyed the cookie butter ice cream from Baskin-Robbins, you know how delicious the spread can be. And when you add it to iced coffee, you'll essentially get a cookies and milk combination in a glass, along with your morning caffeine boost.

How to make a cookie iced coffee

To make your hot coffee to dissolve the cookie spread, you can use any method available to you: brewed coffee, instant coffee, a French press, etc. Just note that you'll want more liquid than you get with a single espresso shot. And feel free to use any cookie-like spread that you enjoy — Biscoff and Speculoos cookie ones are perfect here, but you can also experiment with cookie dough flavored options or even Nutella. If you'd like extra sweetness or flavor, you can also add vanilla or chocolate syrup into your cup at the same time as the spread.

Once all the sweet stuff has fully dissolved in your hot coffee, cool it down by simply pouring it over a glass with ice.  Add a little milk or creamer before the java, or to get a little fancy, top your beverage off with a homemade cold foam. To keep the cookie flavor going, whip some extra spread into the latter with a handheld frother. You can top with a spritz of whipped cream (if you're leaving the cold foam out), a caramel drizzle, or some crushed-up cookies.