The Only Gluten-Free Starbucks Bakery Treats You Might Find

Starbucks has a sprawling menu full of different treats, drinks, and snacks that should satisfy almost every taste, but if you are gluten-free that list narrows significantly. While most of their drinks don't contain gluten, if you want something fresh from the bakery, you are mostly out of luck. It's not surprising that most pastries from any coffee shop would contain wheat, but for a national chain as prominent as Starbucks, it's still a bit surprising how limited your choices are. The only certified gluten-free option is their Marshmallow Dream Bar, which is Starbucks' take on a classic rice crispy treat.

The Marshmallow Dream bar is made from rice, marshmallows, dairy, and a few other flavorings. Some fans who hunt down gluten-free options at Starbucks claim there is also a gluten-free brownie available at some locations, but Starbucks itself makes no such claim about its brownies. The only other wheat-free option from the bakery is its oat bars, which don't list any ingredients that normally contain gluten. However, despite oats normally being gluten-free, Starbucks is open about the fact that the way they handle and process products means they may be cross-contaminated. 

Starbucks has some third-party items that you can snack on if you're gluten-free

While it may be a disappointment that the bakery only has one certified gluten-free option, there are a few other treats Starbucks sells from other brands that can get the job done. Most Starbucks locations sell KIND Bars and both flavors, blueberry vanilla and cashew or salted caramel and dark chocolate nut are gluten-free. There are also usually Perfect Bars and Justin's Peanut Butter Cups, both of which are certified gluten-free by its respective companies. For a fruitier option you have That's It Fruit Bars and for more savory tastes there are Kettle Chips and Country Archer Turkey Jerky.

Don't think you can skip to its savory breakfast items in lieu of a bakery treat either, as none of its breakfast foods are certified gluten-free. Even something like egg bites which don't list any ingredients with gluten is not risk-free, due to cross-contamination. So unless you really love rice crispy treats, if you're gluten-free it's probably best to just rely on Starbucks for drinks and to get your meals from somewhere else.