The 20-Ingredient Seasoning That Improves Any Pasta Salad

What if we told you that one ingredient has the ability to transform your pasta salads, grilled meats, and roasted vegetables with the ease of a sprinkle? McCormick Culinary Salad Supreme Seasoning has entered the chat. Delivering drool-inducing flavors of tangy cheese, earthy spices, and a light dusting of heat, the multi-purpose seasoning can help even novice chefs make meals flavorful without much effort as the burnt orange spice also brings a touch of color and crunch to recipes. 

With spices, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and Romano cheese, the pre-mixed seasoning blend can be quickly tossed into pasta salads, sprinkled on top of fish fillets, and used to finish vegetables destined for ovens and grills. Paprika, celery seed, red pepper, garlic, and cheddar cheese help round out flavors, so if you're faced with a less-than-praise-worthy pasta salad dish, a generous shake of Salad Supreme can give your recipe all the assistance it needs to become the star of tonight's dinner. 

When spoonfuls can transform a dish

The colorful supreme seasoning will add amber and orange hues to colorless pasta salad dishes, and the taste will quickly eliminate any skeptical thoughts. Whether you use gluten-free noodles or regular pasta, a sprinkle of the spice mixture will create a tangy, zesty dish that will be quickly scooped up, regardless of whether you're serving relatives lunch or preparing a bowl for the neighbors' potluck party. 

Customize your pasta salad with chopped vegetables or chunks of your protein of choice — blocks of tempeh or soy, pieces of chicken or salmon, or diced ham or salami. Add olives and pepperoni for an Italian twist and consider using the spice to season your next homemade pizzas and garlic breads. As with incorporating any new seasoning into your recipes, start slowly and gradually adjust the taste to suit your preferences and those eager to dig into a freshly prepared meal.