Make Applesauce More Interesting With A Boozy Kick

Peering into the fridge in search for a light dessert, applesauce – a staple in households dealing with toothaches, nursing toddlers, or adhering to the BRAT diet — draws your attention. It's certainly comforting and sweet, but it can also be unexciting. But wait, there's an unexpected way to make your applesauce more interesting: Simply mix in whiskey and transform this humble fruit puree into a delightful dessert or adult snack. 

To add a boozy kick to applesauce, heat up some store-bought applesauce and mix in a splash of whiskey and brown sugar, or prepare your applesauce from scratch. Once your homemade applesauce is ready, stir in 1 to 2 tablespoons of whiskey, adjusting to your taste. 

Whiskey works well with applesauce, thanks to the harmony of flavors. Most whiskeys' vanilla and caramel notes complement the natural sweetness of the apples perfectly, while the bitter alcohol notes add interesting contrast, depth, and complexity. This is no longer your everyday applesauce but a decadent boozy delight for those who want to treat themselves. 

Whiskey, rum, bourbon, or brandy can also work

Aside from whiskey, other spirits like rum or brandy can also enhance applesauce. Rum pairs beautifully with cinnamon, a common spice in applesauce, and brandy is a must-try add-in for applesauce made with vanilla bean and some lemon or lime juice. To experiment further, use splashes of bourbon, as it is also lovely when paired with the spices in applesauce and adds a subtle sweetness and a hint of oakiness (thanks to bourbon's barrel-aging process).

Your boozy applesauce becomes a versatile meal and dessert accompaniment — serve it with savory dishes as a sweet sauce, have it warm with a scoop of ice cream (we recommend salted caramel or vanilla), use it as a filling for a tipsy apple pie, or savor it on its own. This sophisticated adult-only treat will impress regardless of how you serve or enjoy it. Just note with all dishes featuring alcohol, it's important to consume responsibly.