Eat Tacos From Both Sides To Keep It Clean

As much as we love them, chowing down on hard or soft-shelled tacos can create chaos, with bits of lettuce and tomato getting everywhere and most of the meat falling out of one end and onto the plate. But it doesn't have to be that way — there is a simple method for eating tacos that will keep everything clean and help you savor every bite.

The typical way to eat a taco is to start on one side and make your way to the other. However, this can lead to disaster if most of the fillings fall out the end before you get the chance to enjoy them. To avoid this, take bites of your taco from both sides and leave the center for last. Ending with the middle will also ensure you save the best bite for last, since the center of a taco usually has the best ratio of meat, sauce, veggies, and tortilla. 

Grab your taco of choice, such as a scrumptious beer-battered fish taco, and eat away at one end until you're about a third of the way through. Then, switch to the other side and eat another third before finishing the middle bit, and then grab another taco!

Eat the middle last for the best experience

There are a few other strategies you can employ to eat your tacos with grace. It is helpful to make sure you are holding the taco properly. Holding the bottom of the taco can cause sauce and juices to run down your hands, so grab your taco from the top instead. You'll want to hold the taco just above where all the meat and other fillings are situated to maintain a stable grip without squeezing everything out the sides. For more taco tips, check out our exclusive interview with chef Rick Martinez.

While there are no official rules for eating a taco, these techniques can make the experience a bit neater. If you're the type of person who likes to embrace chaos, feel free to go wild after your next trip to a taqueria. Otherwise, take our side-to-side advice to enjoy your tacos without the mess.