For A Summery Cocktail Buzz, Try A Frozen Espresso Martini

Coffee and alcohol — while usually consumed at opposite times of day, the two drinks exhibit delicious overlap. Take coffee cocktails, for example. Not only do the beverages provide an extra caffeine kick into the night, but they also infuse the flavors of a brew into a complex drink.

There are a few caffeinating cocktails more iconic than the espresso martini. Consistently fashionable since its invention in the 1980s, the cocktail mixes espresso into a stiff drink with effortless style. For an extra refreshing variation, especially on a warm day, consider whipping up a frozen espresso martini. This cocktail's components are the same: vodka, coffee liqueur, simple syrup, and espresso — except the coffee is frozen into ice cubes before preparation. Then, all components are blended together, creating a summery interpretation texturally reminiscent of a frozen margarita. Garnish with some salt, take a sip, and unwind — what a way to kick off the afternoon. Let's dive into the details of the drink.

What to consider when crafting a frozen espresso martini

As with all cocktails, the basic drink framework enables a multitude of renditions. While it's perfectly suitable to whip up the cocktail with what's on hand, an extra eye on the details will take it to the next level.

First, there's the choice of coffee. Since espresso martini has two sweet elements, it's better to reach for a robust bean with a dark, strong flavor. Avoid light roasts and natural-processed coffees, and instead, purchase a darker roast designed for espresso. Focus on pulling a flavor-dense, balanced shot — too acidic, and the cocktail's balance may taste awry. Or, for added convenience, consider freezing cold brew concentrate.

Next, come the booze selections. Although vodka's nearly flavorless, you'll still want to reach for an esteemed bottle; you'll be able to notice a difference in how the alcohol melds. And finally, there's perhaps the most variable selection — the coffee liqueur. Beloved brands like Kalhua or Mr. Black will certainly work for the task, but for the ultimate fine-tuning, consider making your own. Experiment with varying combinations of base spirits, coffees, and ratios. With enough iterations, one frozen espresso martini will stand above the rest.