McDonald Is Offering Jalapeño-Packed Sandwiches For A Limited Time

McDonald's Grimace shake isn't the only new menu item making waves this summer. In addition to the purple treat, the fast food giant has released some spicy new twists on its classic sandwiches. Last month, the company announced the rollout of new extra-spicy, extra-cheesy Bacon Quarter Pounders packed with jalapeño peppers and creamy cheddar cheese sauce, which are expected to hit all participating locations nationwide by July 10. The catch? They will not be permanent additions, per the company.

The chain has apparently also begun a soft launch of equally spicy breakfast sandwiches. According to Chew Boom, the company is set to offer variations of its Egg McMuffin and cheese biscuits, also drenched with cheesy sauce and topped with jalapeños, on a limited basis until around mid-August. And while McDonald's hasn't officially announced the launch as of this writing, some customers, including YouTuber Ian K of Peep THIS Out, have already been able to try the morning menu items.

Although it's unclear if or when, exactly, the breakfast sandwiches would be available nationwide. However, a Reddit post named August 15 for such a rollout. But it seems possible if not likely that, much like the Bacon Quarter Pounders, jalapeño-topped McMuffins and biscuits will only be available for a limited time.

Early reviews are in for the jalapeño sandwiches

While many customers are still eagerly awaiting their chance to try the spicy versions of their favorite McDonald's orders, some diners who have already gotten their hands on the items have taken to social media to share their thoughts.

On TikTok, user @lilkenny03 reviewed both the Cheesy Jalapeño Bacon Double QPC and the Cheesy Jalapeño Sausage Egg McMuffin. In his videos, he said that the peppers provided a crunchy kick, and that both sandwiches were "ooing and gooing" with cheese, but that they could have been a bit spicier. YouTuber Ian K, meanwhile, opined that the pepper-packed Egg McMuffin he tried had a decent amount of spice from the first bite and said that the jalapeños added some juiciness as well. Overall, he thought the flavor was "amazing," and rated the new menu item a 9/10.

As it happens, this isn't the first time the company released a kicked-up version of the breakfast sandwich. Back in 2022, McDonald's launched a Bacon, Egg, and Jalapeño Cheddar McMuffin in Canada, which included a creamy jalapeño sauce and pepper-laced cheddar cheese. However, that version did not feature whole sliced jalapeños, which may have made all the difference, as reviewers of that sandwich were not entirely impressed. The hosts of YouTube channel Nerdy Newfie Food Reviews called it "mediocre" at the time. In contrast, customers who have tried the latest releases with actual jalapeños sprinkled on have generally had a more positive response to the offerings.