The Sticky Ingredient You Should Use To Sweeten Iced Tea

Sweet tea may be ubiquitous in the southern U.S. but that doesn't mean it's a beverage without both subtleties and practically infinite possibilities for variation. For example, if you don't want an entire pitcher of iced sweet tea, you may not want to sugar up a whole batch, giving you and your guests the opportunity to sweeten to taste. And if you're looking for a liquid sweetener that kicks up the sugary taste other than granulated sugar, you could opt for brown sugar syrup.

If you think about it, the best sweet tea isn't fashioned by dumping a packet of sugar into a glass at the table. Sweet tea aficionados know that granulated sugar should be added to tea just after it's brewed, while the hot tea is best able to dissolve that sugar for a perfectly harmonious drink with no grittiness waiting at the bottom of the glass. Brown sugar syrup is an alternate, versatile option that gives you a host of flavorful options without leaving undissolved bits. 

Make brown sugar simple syrup in a snap

Making brown sugar simple syrup is just as easy as making simple syrup with granulated sugar. Heat equal parts of sugar and water until the sweetener dissolves, and you're done. While you can make simple syrup without heating it, using heat means your simple syrup will keep longer in the refrigerator up to a month. And if you don't have any brown sugar on hand, don't fret! You can simply add a little molasses to regular granulated sugar to get the same depth of flavor.

And speaking of flavor, while your brown sugar syrup will give you deeper, more caramelized notes than clear simple syrup, experimentation doesn't have to stop there. Infusing botanicals like citrus zest, fresh mint, or rosemary or spices like cinnamon and clove can deliver brown sugar simple syrup that will add more refreshing flavors and complexity to your iced tea. Brown sugar syrup lets you sweeten practically anything, with a smooth, rich texture that's ideal for iced tea and a host of other beverages.