Milk Bar Embraces The Season With New Summer Menu Items

If your warm weather tastes lean away from hot dogs and coleslaw and more towards cakes and cookies, Milk Bar is the place for you this summer. Born out of New York restaurant Momofuku in 2008, Milk Bar is known for the playful creations of founder and chef Christina Tosi, which range from viral favorites like its Milk Bar Pie to newer hits like the Pancake Cake. Using flavors like cereal milk and birthday cake, Milk Bar's baked goods often evoke childhood memories and classic American sweets, and now, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table, they are releasing a new line of limited-time menu items that combine those inspirations with the fresh, warm tastes of summer.

Milk Bar's big cake launch for the season is its Strawberry Corn Cake, which combines the sweet and savory taste of cornbread with sunny, refreshing strawberries. The cornbread cake is layered with strawberry jam and crunchy corn crumbs and covered in strawberry buttermilk frosting. The flavor is available as a standard gateau or Milk Bar's bite-sized cake truffles. 

The sweets purveyor's other offering combines two summertime staples in its Toasted Marshmallow Sundae. This gooey concoction has a base of caramelized vanilla marshmallow soft serve, reminiscent of the campfire roasted treat, and is drizzled with marshmallow cream and dotted with additional toasted mini-mallows. Both of these new products are available until September 18th in-store at Milk Bar's bakeries, and both of the Strawberry Corn Cake options can be ordered for delivery online

Milk Bar's summer menu is also seeing the return of some old fan favorites

While the cake and sundae are the big, sweet stars of summer at Milk Bar, they are also bringing back some savory favorites for the next month. Bagel bombs, which were small, round bagels stuffed with cream cheese and other fillings, used to be a popular item at Milk Bar. So popular, in fact, that Starbucks released an (alleged) copycat item back in 2015 that led David Chang, who owns part of Milk Bar through Momofuku, to call the coffee giant out online for stealing Tosi's idea. Now Milk Bar is bringing back the classic that started that feud, along with an array of other savory-flavored Bread Bombs.

Available at the New York City and Los Angeles flagship locations though the month of July, Milk Bar's Bread Bombs include a version of the original Bagel Bomb, which is an everything bagel with a bacon-scallion cream cheese filling. There will also be pumpernickel bread wrapped around a spinach and artichoke parmesan cream cheese, an Italian Hoagie Bomb, with ham, capicola, salami, and provolone encased in a hoagie roll with giardiniera, and an Egg and Cheddar bomb, which has cheddar-topped dough filled with egg, cheddar, and sriracha-cream cheese. Between the bread bombs and new sweet treats, it looks like you can get a whole delicious meal at Milk Bar this summer.