Skip A Step For The Most Luxurious S'mores Of Your Life

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the traditional way of making s'mores. A toasted marshmallow atop a melty piece of chocolate, sandwiched between two sweet squares of graham cracker is a campfire classic. But that doesn't mean that even old favorites can't get shaken up every once and a while. This summer, if you want a s'more that is a little fancier and luxurious, make a different choice in the cookie aisle and skip browsing the chocolate bars completely.

That's right, for this variation on s'mores, don't buy a chocolate bar at all. Instead, you are going to buy a cookie that already has the chocolate factored in. Skip the graham crackers and look for the type of cookies that are buttery shortbread on one side and chocolate on the other. When your warm marshmallow hits the chocolate side of this cookie, you'll be in melty s'more heaven.

Skip the chocolate bar

Some might think that any chocolate cookie will do, and truly, a good s'more comes down to your personal taste. But simply opting for chocolate-flavored cookies is not the same as getting a cookie that actually has meltable chocolate in it. Think Petit Ecolier, Bauducco Choco Biscuits, or even Keebler Fudge Stripes, although the latter would certainly be a bit messier of an option. You want to maintain both the chocolate flavor and the melting quality for this luxurious s'more. You'll simply toast your marshmallow like always, and then layer it between two chocolate-coated cookies with the chocolate sides facing inwards.

There are other benefits, too. Since the cookie and chocolate are a packaged deal, you won't have to worry about the precarious stacking and sliding that is usually a part of the s'more-making process. The other plus is the slightly different flavor and texture. You will be trading in the sweet but sometimes dry taste of graham crackers for something that melts in your mouth a little bit more — perfect for a summer campfire treat.