The Clever Method To Transport Cake When You Don't Have A Carrier

If you've ever been the designated cake wrangler for someone's birthday or other special event, you know the stress of trying to get a cake from one place to the other in one piece. They make specific boxes and carriers for such a task, but they're not always accessible, and not every cake will fit in them. Luckily, there is a simple way to prepare your cake for transportation using products you probably already have at home.

Once you've baked the perfect birthday cake, you first want to find a surface for it to sit on during travel. This will probably be a large plate, but a baking sheet will also work. Just avoid anything with high walls that might interfere with the icing. Next, add some toothpicks to the top of the cake, then gently cover the whole thing in aluminum foil. Don't use cling wrap, as it will stick to the cake and ruin the icing. The toothpicks will hold the foil up, and you can take the edges of the foil to the edge of the plate so that it isn't directly touching your cake.

For bonus stability, grab a yoga mat or some shelf liner to put under your makeshift cake carrier. The extra friction should stop your cake from sliding around while it's on the move, which will help prevent disaster.

Other tips to ensure your cake's safe arrival

Before you take off with your custom cake carrier, there are a few more tips you should know to ensure the move goes smoothly. If you are traveling via car, find the flattest surface available to place the cake. You might want to move your passenger seat back so that you can place the cake on the floorboard and still keep an eye on it, but if this area is too curved in your vehicle, you might have to put the cake in the trunk (this is where the no-slip yoga mat will really come in handy). As always, drive carefully!

To make sure your cake stays cool, keep it in the fridge until it's time to leave, blast your AC while it's in the car, and then pop it into the fridge again as soon as you reach your destination. If the cake you're moving is tiered, don't assemble it until after transport. Carry it in sections, along with any frosting and tools you'll need to put it together once you've arrived at the final location.

Baking a cake is sure to mean a lot to whoever's event you're attending — so long as you avoid these crucial cake mistakes. But when it comes to transporting a cake, it's about the journey, not the destination, so make the journey as easy as possible by properly constructing your own cake carrier.