Subway Beefs Up Its Menu With 4 New Freshly Sliced Deli-Style Subs

As part of company-wide efforts to amp up its menu, Subway has launched four new deli subs. These new items are just the latest upgrade the company has introduced since it started working on improving its brand in 2021. "Over the past two years, we overhauled our expansive pantry of ingredients and debuted a whole new way to Subway with chef-crafted signature sandwiches," said Trevor Haynes, president of Subway's North American operations, per a company press release.

Collectively called "Deli Heroes," these new sandwiches showcase an array of freshly sliced meats and cheese. All of these offerings come with a double serving of provolone cheese and are served on artisan Italian bread. The Titan Turkey, also known as #15 on the menu, features turkey and provolone cheese with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mayo. The Grand Slam Ham (#99) has the same accompaniments as the Titan Turkey, and both sandwiches offer up 33% more meat than the company's regular subs. The Garlic Roast Beef, aka #17, serves up a generous helping of roast beef with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and a special roasted garlic aioli. Last, but certainly not least, The Beast (#30) will delight sandwich lovers with a half pound of meat — pepperoni, turkey, ham, roast beef, and salami. All this comes with the same accompaniments as the others plus two condiments — mayo and Subway's MVP Vinaigrette.

Subway upgrades its offerings with freshly sliced meat

These new Deli Heroes subs highlight the company's ongoing efforts to offer freshness and great quality to its customers. Earlier this year, Subway initiated this commitment by installing automatic deli meat slicing machines in its stores, spending more than $80 million to get them into the hands of their franchisees. These new machines allow the stores to serve freshly sliced meats, helping the company live up to its updated motto of "Eat Fresh Refresh."

To promote its freshly sliced meats and these new sandwiches, Subway is giving away up to 1 million free Deli Heroes subs on July 11. Customers will be able to try out the new menu items for free between 10 am and noon on that day at participating stores. To get your hands on a free sandwich, you'll need to be one of the first 50 people in the store who asks for a 6-inch Deli Heroes sub. The giveaway seems to be a new tradition for the sandwich chain; they handed out a similar number of subs in July of 2022 to promote the then brand-new Subway Series of sandwiches.