Get More Espresso At Starbucks By Ordering Your Venti Latte Iced

If you're a loyal Starbucks customer who needs a little more energy to get you going these days, there's a hack that will get you more caffeine without spending extra cash the next time you walk into your local spot. It starts with ordering an iced venti caffè latte.

In case you didn't know, Starbucks includes two espresso shots in the hot versions of grande and venti caffè lattes, meaning you are paying a considerable amount more for extra steamed milk and a couple extra pumps of syrup. This may work if you don't want (or need) more energy, but that's not the case for everyone.

A hot venti cup at the coffee giant is 20 ounces, compared to a cold venti cup which is 24 ounces. Within those four extra ounces is an extra espresso shot — that's right, a total of three espresso shots for your buck. That means when you order an iced caffè late, you're getting more caffeine rather than a cup full of icy milk.

What's in an extra espresso shot?

One espresso shot from Starbucks contains 75 milligrams of caffeine, so you'll get a considerable boost from that third shot in your iced venti vanilla soy caffè latte (or whatever your go-to iced order is). In comparison, an 8-ounce cup of Pike's Place, the Seattle-based chain's medium roast, comes in at 155 milligrams. If you do the math, that's an about an extra 75 milligrams to wake you up in the morning.

It's worth noting that some iced coffee beverages, including an iced caffè latte, usually cost a bit more than their hot counterpart. The extra costs factor in the larger cups and the ice that goes into them. The extra espresso shot, or coffee, prevents your drink from being diluted as the ice melts — perhaps this is why Starbucks puts an extra shot in its venti iced caffè lattes. 

Exact prices vary depending on store and location, but ordering an iced venti caffè latte is usually a bit cheaper than ordering a venti caffè latte with an extra shot. Just keep in mind that if you swap dairy milk for a non-dairy substitute like soy or almond or add extra pumps of syrup, the price of your coffee will go up.