David Chang's Rule For How Much Cookware To Keep In Your Kitchen

With all of the inventive gadgets and choices of cookware on the market, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin when outfitting your home kitchen. From cast iron skillets, pots, and pans to clay cooking vessels, a buying budget can balloon quickly if an enthusiastic shopper isn't careful. Chef David Chang has a clever rule of thumb for those facing the agonizing decisions about which products to toss in their cart. 

To People Magazine, Chang cautions those who feel swept away by shopping frenzies and encourages aspiring chefs to focus on the function of each purchased item. Instead of collecting a variety of cookware to fill kitchen shelves, think about the recipes you make most often and which tools will best tackle the culinary jobs they present. For Chang, cookware that can be used to boil, braise, roast, and sauté ingredients are enough to keep delicious recipes coming out of your kitchen.

Choosing cookware with care

To GQ, Chang explains that a home cook needs a basic roster of essential equipment to cook eggs, boil water, prepare a steak, season foods, and store leftovers. Additionally, home kitchens should be outfitted with a good cutting board and knives that can get the job done. (It doesn't matter what kinds of pots and pans you own if your knives can't do ingredients justice; your finished recipes — and your own person — may suffer.)

Chang adds that the most expensive products aren't necessary, but it is important to consider durability and make wise investments when evaluating cookware brands. Set an estimated budget and do your best to stick to it; while copper pots and pans may look beautiful hanging from a rack, the rose-colored equipment may be above your fixed price point. Some cookware is designed with multi-functions in mind, and once you have acquired the base necessities to prepare delicious recipes at home, you can decide to add other niche products later on.