The 2 Best Ways To Cook On A Campfire For Beginners

If you're planning to go on a camping trip, you may be feeling intimidated by your cooking options, but campfires can be your ticket to delicious and satisfying meals. Still, cooking outside, without the use of all your usual kitchen comforts, can be confusing at first. Fortunately, there are two cooking methods that offer a low barrier for entry for beginners. You only need a few key items and a few of your favorite foods to get started. The two best ways to cook over a campfire for beginners are in a cast iron pan or in foil packets.

Before you get started, though, remember that the most important thing, especially during the hot months, is to maintain proper fire safety. Make sure you have strategies on hand for containing your fire, like sand in case you need to smother a grease fire. You should also be sure to check local ordinances to make sure you are not starting a fire during a high-risk season. Once you have taken proper safety measures, you can prepare to cook.

Cooking over a campfire

Cooking a one-pan meal is one of the best go-to strategies for camping dinners. But be aware, most pans are not equipped for the extremely high heat of the fire. Make sure you use a cast iron skillet, as these will do well with the heat and will cook your food evenly; just don't forget oven mitts for the hot handle of the pan. The other thing to keep in mind is that you should always cook with your cast iron on a grate above the fire. And when it comes to cleaning the pan afterward, don't believe those who say you should set it on fire. All it really needs is a quick wash down with soap and water.

The other campfire cooking hack requires a lot of aluminum foil. Foil packets make both food preparation and clean-up quick. All you need to do is cut up whatever vegetables or proteins sound good to you, and put them on a piece of foil with whatever seasonings you like. Wrap the food up firmly in the foil and place them in the coals of your fire, being sure to turn the packet over partway through for even cooking. You can check the packets for doneness by unwrapping them with oven mitts, just watch out for hot steam! The best part about this meal is you can prepare the foil packets in advance at home.