The Parchment Paper Mistake To Avoid When Baking Lasagna

As easy as parchment paper is to use in the kitchen, you may want to think carefully about how you use it when baking lasagna. After your favorite lasagna recipe has been properly cooked, it can be tempting to leave the parchment paper in place. But to plate pieces of your mouthwatering dish, you'll want to get your lasagna away from the paper, especially if it will be a while before you serve the carefully layered ingredients.

When left in place, the parchment paper surrounding your lasagna has a high probability of becoming wilted and wet, and the slimy paper can become a potentially devastating blow to the texture of the lasagna you're hoping to serve. If you think you're in danger of forgetting to remove the paper (or if the task seems too cumbersome), skip the parchment paper and opt to grease up your pan, instead. Alternatively, slathering extra sauce on the bottom of the dish you're using to cook your lasagna can help ensure the noodles are perfectly cooked.

Keeping your lasagna recipe fresh

Though parchment paper has plenty of other uses in your kitchen, making a lasagna recipe is not always the best time to wield this handy kitchen helper. To deploy parchment paper while cooking your next lasagna meal, place a sheet on top of your layered assembly of noodles, vegetables, and cheese. This will keep the dish moist and tender, and result in a batch of noodles that are soft and enjoyable to bite into. While aluminum foil may stick to the top layer of your lasagna, a strategically placed piece of parchment paper set between the final topping of cheese and the aluminum sheet used to cover the dish can protect your dinner and the final cheesy layer of your preparations.

Though lasagna may not be the neatest or easiest meal to put together, the taste of the final product will reward the culinary effort you put forth and it may even make up for any mess you have to clean.