Add Italian Sausage To Elevate The Flavor Of Jarred Pasta Sauce

Though it can't ever come close to the stuff your Nonna makes, jarred pasta sauce is nevertheless convenient and flavorful in its own right. However, that doesn't mean you can't add extra ingredients to elevate the flavors and make things taste a little more homemade. And Italian sausages are one of the best things you can add to any jarred pasta sauce for an extra boost of spicy depth. 

Italian sausages are incredibly common, meaning you can find them at any major grocery store or specialty butcher shop. They will typically either come as ground sausage or whole links. When added to jarred pasta sauce, they bring a savory, meaty flavor as well as provide the extra protein necessary to fill hungry bellies. 

Incorporating the sausages into your pasta sauce is simple. You can brown them in the pot, making sure some of the juices are released and the meat is nicely seared. You can then add your jarred sauce and cook as normal. Turning ground sausage into meatballs and simmering them along with your sauce is another excellent option. Just be mindful of the type of sausage you are using, as it will affect the flavor of your finished sauce.

You can add hot or sweet Italian sausage to your jarred pasta sauce

Italian sausages come in two categories: hot and sweet. Both types share the same base of pork, salt, garlic, and anise seeds. Where they differ is in what is added next. Sweet sausage is simply this base combination of ingredients, with the anise seeds usually being the most prominent flavor. The hot sausage adds red pepper flakes, which overpower the anise seeds and give the meat its distinct, spicy flavor, and reddish hue.

What does this mean for your jarred sauce? As the sausages cook, their flavor is going to mingle with the flavors already present in your chosen sauce. If you're using sweet sausages, your sauce will likely have a milder flavor. If you're using hot sausage, the red pepper flakes will certainly permeate throughout the entirety of the sauce. This won't make the sauce too hot, but it will add some noticeable spice. So, if you're not a fan of spice, or are cooking for a crowd, it's best to stick with the sweet sausage.

Don't feel limited to just adding sausages to your jarred pasta sauce. Bring in additional veggies, different meats, some wine, cheese, or anything to make the flavors sing. Though, if you're going through all this effort to maximize the flavor of a jarred sauce, you might find it just as rewarding to make your own from scratch.