The Earthy Boost For Tasty Hollandaise Sauce On Eggs Benedict

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Eggs Benedict is a brunch staple for a reason. It's inherently luxurious, protein-packed, and fills you up without weighing you down for the rest of the afternoon. But, if your Benny game is starting to get a little, well, boring, it might be time to switch up your hollandaise. For the ultimate earthy enhancement, try morel mushrooms. 

Morels might not get as much publicity as other types of mushrooms like portobello and shiitake, but these earthy beauties are not to be overlooked. You won't find them in your average grocery store by-the-pound produce section. Morels are found in the wild and foraged, like truffles. There's even a Morel society called The Great Morel, dedicated to the pursuit of the mushroom. Technically, you can grow morels yourself in your backyard, but in general, they tend to reject cultivation and controlled farming. 

Their exclusivity isn't the only thing that makes morels our pick for amping up your hollandaise sauce. Morels tote a unique flavor unlike the classic "mushroomy" taste, which might be appealing to picky eaters or longtime mushroom haters. Morels are meaty, woody, nutty, and a little smoky — and as such, a simple preparation is best to really let the mushroom's natural flavor shine. They can be grilled, sautéed, or even tossed into a hollandaise sauce.

Morels make a decadent addition to hollandaise sauce

Morels add both bulk and flavor to a traditional eggs Benedict recipe. The earthiness provides depth to balance the spicy heat of the cayenne pepper or paprika and the creaminess of the sauce itself. 

If you forage morels yourself, make sure to clean them properly. The color of morels ranges from pale white to black, with the latter being the more common varietal, but you can identify them by their cone shape and complex honeycomb-like exterior texture. The web of crevices may be aesthetically pleasing, but it's imperative to thoroughly clean it to safely enjoy the mushrooms. Morels also come dried and packaged in bulk. They'll admittedly set you back a pretty penny (Vigorous Mountains brand dried morels run for $14.99 per ounce on Amazon), but "gourmet" foods are gourmet for a reason. If you're working with dried morels, rehydrate them in a bowl of warm water for 15-20 minutes, then drain and gently pat dry before stirring into the hollandaise.

Serve your mushroom hollandaise sauce over eggs Benedict with avocado for a vegetarian brunch. For a non-vegetarian option, consider using it as a flavorful enhancement for eggs Benedict with smoked salmon. Then pair with a side of roasted asparagus and an oyster sauce Bloody Mary to turn the umami dial up to 11.