The Roast-To-Order Coffee Beans You Can Get From Walmart

When thinking of where to get your next batch of fresh coffee, Walmart is probably the last place that comes to mind. Buying grocery store coffee isn't the greatest idea to begin with, given that they're stamped with months-long "best by" dates and no way of knowing how long a bag has been sitting on the shelf. Finding freshly roasted coffee at the leading budget retailer in the United States? It's a laughable idea to most coffee lovers; but despite sounding implausible on paper, it's a completely real option available to any and every consumer ordering through the Walmart website. 

The best part is that Walmart sources its roast-to-order selection from gourmet coffee companies, offering the same freshness and quality you expect from any other online roastery order. Currently, the massive retailer is stocking coffees from Boca Java, a Colorado-based brand that claims a passion for delivering the highest quality beans at maximum freshness. According to their website, they only package the top 2% of pure arabica beans, meaning that you're getting the real cream of the crop coffee with a simple order through Walmart.

Quality coffee that's affordable and convenient

For as low as $8.44 and up to $9.94 a pop, you can order an 8-ounce bag of fresh coffee beans that'll be shipped to your nearest store within 24 hours of roasting. There are 22 kinds of whole bean coffees to choose from, ranging from expertly curated blends like the Boca Sunrise, fun flavored varieties like the Maple Bacon Morning, to specialty single-origin options like the Pure Peruvian. There's even decaf versions of some select blends, perfect for satisfying those late afternoon java cravings without buzzing up your sleep schedule. 

These roast-to-order selections might not be quite as extra-fresh as buying from a local roastery — or even roasting the beans at home — but they're still leagues above your average grocery store coffee while offering the same kind of convenience. According to the product listings, the beans are roasted on Mondays and Wednesdays; purchases made later in the week might take a few days to arrive, so make sure to place your orders accordingly.