Use Your Latte Art Skills To Garnish Simple Yet Beautiful Cocktails

Keen on a memorable cocktail experience but don't want to go out? Learning a simple garnish trick can transform a classic drink into something more special. And that way, you can capture some of that magical nightlife energy right in the home.

For an easy yet impressive introduction, turn to the bitters swirl technique. When you're whipping up a white egg foam-topped drink like a pisco sour, carefully dollop around five circles of bitters using a dropper bottle. Then, run a toothpick or thin tool through the bead, creating small hearts reminiscent of latte art. The result is elegant but fun-loving — perfect for entertaining dinner party guests. 

Just make sure to whip up a good foam for the technique to work well. So carefully separate whites from yolks, and remain patient during the entirety of the thirty-second shake. And finally, make sure to strain your result — preferably through a fine mesh. Such a step ensures there are no small ice pieces that'll interfere with the design. Let's dive further into what a bitter swirl can do.

How to decorate egg white foam cocktails

In addition to hearts, craft other designs like clover leaves, flowers, feathers, and more. Much like latte art on a coffee, the liquid can become a canvas for creative expression. However, this technique is easier than the coffee alternative since it can be done with a small pick rather than precise pouring skills. Experiment by using different groupings of drops and connecting them through various formations. To start, focus on keeping it simple — it's easy to smudge color into the foam.

However, don't forget the bitters are not only there for aesthetics but taste, too. As the element on top of the beverage, they'll be the first note that hits the nose. The more drops in the design, the more bold the flavor. So reach for a bottle that melds well with your drink. Angostura bitters, for example, is a venerable launching point. When decorated atop a pisco sour, it'll take the beverage to the next level.