All You Need Is One Ingredient For Better Texture In Granola Bars

Nailing the perfect consistency of granola is a huge part of mastering tasty homemade snack bar recipes, yet mixing together dried fruits, nuts, and oats to pack and chew on later can often sound easier than done when put into practice. To master your next savory granola bar recipe, there's one ingredient that can help bind all the rest together: brown rice syrup. This sticky addition has a subtle sweetness and lends a pleasantly chewy texture to the snack bars you make at home. It will keep your treats firmly together without letting the sliced bars turn into little bricks or crumbly messes.

With a bottle of brown rice syrup tucked into your granola bar-making arsenal, you'll have all the necessary tools to create perfectly chewy snacks that you can enjoy in the morning or take on the road for afternoon snacks. Think of brown rice syrup as the glue you need for your next creative culinary adventure.

Keeping your snack bars together

While maple syrup is often added to granola bar recipes, brown rice syrup isn't as sweet so you will have an easier time experimenting with other ingredients if you use it instead. Whether you're looking to create more savory herb- and spice-based bars or are striving to put together a light and fruity recipe, brown rice syrup can help you maintain texture, minus unwanted sweetness. Try using the ingredient instead of maple syrup the next time you put together strawberry chia oatmeal bars and see if you can taste the difference.

Alternatively, instead of swapping out ingredients one-for-one, partially cut any inclusions of agave or honey with brown rice syrup and pack your desired level of sweetness into your granola bars with pieces of dried fruit or dark chocolate. Brown rice syrup can also be drizzled onto pancakes and ice cream or be used in marinades and salad dressings, so your granola bar-making purchase will be put to good use in your kitchen.