Don't Forget To Toss Your Vegetables When Roasting Them

Roasting vegetables can help you be on your way to serving a satisfying, nutritious dinner quickly, but that isn't to say those peeled and washed veggies don't need additional attention once they've been placed into the oven. It's tempting to leave your chopped and dressed veggies alone, but for the best roasting result, you'll want to give your baking sheet a good shake at least once during the cooking process.

Ideally, vegetables roasting in the oven are tossed once or twice during a 40-minute baking session, as this simple act of agitation can result in a more evenly cooked and browned batch of vegetables. Failing to move the vegetables around while they are in the oven can result in one side that is extremely roasted to the point of blackened crisp, while the opposite surface looks pale, wilted, or simply ignored by comparison. 

Giving your veggies a quick shake or flip will ensure even roasting

Whether you've preheated your pan or have decided to use a cast iron skillet to cook your peeled carrots, chopped onions, parsnips, and chunks of potatoes, give your assortment of roasting vegetables a quick glance midway through your estimated cooking time. At this point, either give them a thorough shake or flip with a spatula, spoon, or tongs to ensure even cooking on all sides. This small attention to detail can help you set perfectly browned and roasted vegetables onto each plate with pride. 

To take your roasting efforts to the next level, use cornstarch to make your veggies crispy and textured along with olive oil and whatever seasonings you like. After the first bite, you'll be hard-pressed to neglect any of the vegetables roasting in your oven ever again. Plus, when they are perfectly cooked, you shouldn't have many leftovers to deal with.