The Bubbly Addition To Elevate Your Favorite Iced Tea

Whether it's black, white, green, or herbal, iced tea is a great way to cool off and stay hydrated in summer months. If you drink it on a daily basis or plan on serving it for a party, you may wonder if there is a way to spice it up a bit. Enter: carbonation. Adding a sparkling beverage, like your favorite seltzer water, to your iced tea will make your go-to hot weather drink even more delightful.

Adding a carbonated component to your iced tea enhances it in two ways. First, the presence of carbonation slightly increases the acidity of the drink, making it taste more refreshing. Second, the fizzy effect improves the drinking experience by adding the fun feeling of bubbles popping on your tongue. If that's not enough, you can try mixing in a carbonated beverage that is flavored, which will allow you to further punch-up your tea by searching for the best taste combinations.

Best carbonated mixers for tea

If you enjoy a crisp Arnold Palmer, try adding sparkling lemonade for a new take on the famous drink. Meanwhile, pouring in some kombucha will give the tea a mouth-puckering sourness and a boost of probiotics.

Try adding different kinds of sparkling water or soda by coordinating its flavor with that of your iced tea. An English breakfast tea could benefit from the sweetness of cream soda, while an earthy oolong will be complemented by the richness of a cola-flavored seltzer. Use similarly-flavored combinations to intensify the taste; a ginger citrus sparkling water can increase the spicy kick of ginger tea, and citrus tea will become even more tangy with the addition of an orange or lemon-lime bubbly beverage.

No matter the mixer you choose, be sure to add it to your iced tea in no more than a 1:1 ratio. This way you can be sure that you are not overly diluting the flavor of your tea.