The Only Type Of Cheese Paper Worth Buying

Give your most treasured pieces of cheese the love they deserve with the right kind of storage. Cheese paper can help protect your chunks and rounds of precious cheeses, keeping these delicious morsels as fresh and as flavorful as possible until you've consumed the very last slice. If you think wrapping your cheese in plastic wrap and tossing it into a drawer in your kitchen is sufficient storage, we have disappointing news for you. Cheese needs space, and while you don't want excess air sneaking into these aged dairy products, allowing your purchased bits of cheese a bit of room to exist is helpful when it comes to preservation. 

The ideal answer for cheese storage is two-ply cheese paper. While wax and parchment paper combined with a strategically half-opened plastic bag can make for a decent-enough substitute, a two-layer cheese paper is the perfect kind of wrapping paper that can keep your cheeses moist and protected. 

Turning cheese into presents

Think of your cheeses as gifts you're giving to yourself and let yourself go for the splurge by adding a roll of cheese paper to your kitchen drawer. Two-ply cheese paper is sturdy, so your investment will pay off. Not only will the material protect your cheeses, but you can also reuse the waxy paper. Plus, the appearance of paper surrounding your cheeses can help elevate a hasty afternoon snack by providing a touch of sophistication and elegance to an ingredient that certainly deserves thanks. 

Instead of unwrapping slimy, clingy plastic wrap, you'll be unfolding a crisp paper covering to reveal a fresh, moist, and delectable hunk of cheese. The paper can also be used to wrap actual gifts for guests or friends who would like to take some of the cheeses home when the charcuterie board has leftover remnants from your dinner party. 

As an added bonus, if you're wanting to elevate your next packed lunch, you can sneak your sandwich into the cheese paper and feel like a proper gourmand. Consider adding two-ply cheese paper to your next grocery list and get ready to upgrade your kitchen game.