Kraft's Plant-Based Cheese Slices Available Nationwide After Successful Trial

For those who have long craved the comforts of classic Kraft cheese but were limited by a plant-based diet, hear the good news. The iconic brand is introducing its NotCheese line with not one but three sliced options perfect for those looking for an animal-free cheese product. 

This expansion into the plant-based cheese market comes on the heels of a successful trial run that Kraft launched in Cleveland, Ohio in 2022. In fact, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table, the Kraft NotCheese became the number one seller in Cleveland in just eight weeks. Kraft's research revealed that 47% of customers who purchased plant-based cheeses reported being disappointed by the taste, texture, variety, and availability of existing products, so the brand seems eager to compete in this space.  

Now, Kraft is taking its three vegan products of plant-based Provolone, Cheddar, and American-style cheeses to the nationwide market, hoping to take the plant-based industry by storm.   

An iconic cheese goes vegan

This specific Kraft project comes from the new branch of the company, Kraft Heinz Not Company, also known as NotCo. NotCo is no stranger to the vegan food market, having made plant-based versions of milk, ice cream, beef, and chicken. Using its patented AI technology called "Giuseppe," the Chilean-based research arm evaluates hundreds of thousands of plant flavors in an effort to create plant-derived cheese that has the flavor, texture, and melting qualities one expects from a dairy-based one. It landed on two ingredients in particular for these new offerings, chickpeas and coconut oil, to help it replicate the taste and texture of cheese. Meanwhile, the faux cheese product eschewed using any artificial dyes or flavors, a bonus for those looking to embrace clean eating.

The Kraft NotCheese Slices are currently being sold in grocery stores nationwide in 8-ounce bags, packing 10 slices each. This plant-based cheese venture is just the first big move for Kraft Heinz Not Company, with hopes that other Kraft products, like its iconic Velveeta and Oscar Mayer hot dogs, are next on the docket for vegan-ification.